Born in Dublin, I have been making photographs for a little over 50 years. My first camera, purchased out of the proceeds of a summer job while still at school, was a simple East German "Beirette" 35mm machine with just three shutter speeds and a triplet, manual focusing lens. Simple the camera may have been, but with its completely mechanical operating system, it led to many discoveries about the process of image making. I still use good old film but the vast majority of my output today is digital.

After a varied working life during which I worked as a professional photographer, specialising in weddings and child portraiture, I finished up working in the photographic retail and photofinishing trade and there, was responsible for much of the digital imaging and digital processing. Now, retired, I have time to devote to the marketing of my own work and Photoshop tuition. As of mid September 2017 I will enter an entirely new phase of life, moving to Finland where I look forward to pursuing my fondness for nature and the landscape.

Photography is a technical craft,which in some hands becomes an art form in its own right. It is all about image making and was never meant to be an exercise in technical discussion, nor in the perfection of technique in isolation from the completed image. I therefore make no effort to describe the equipment used nor the techniques employed in the production of my work. After all,who would ever ask ask a painter to describe the size of the brushes used, or the technical properties of his paints?

Enjoy your time here on my site and do call again.